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What is Bitcoin? You’d have to be in a cave if you have’t heard of Bitcoin (BTC) yet. Everyone is talking about it and everyone seems to be an expert. But what is it exactly? Bitcoin is a digital currency at its most basic level. The blockchain technology behind it is the best part of […]

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Pokemon Go Game App Changing Lives

I was clicking through Facebook the other day and saw a post that said “Pokemon Go is doing more for childhood obesity in 2 days than Michelle Obama has in 8 years” and while I know the post was being a bit facetious, I do have to wonder how much truth there is to that […]

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How Not to use Facebook

One congressional candidate found out how “not” to use Facebook tonight..or rather, he will whenever he logs back into his account. The Mike Webb for Congress Facebook page had a huge influx of visitors today when Mike Webb, who has openly stated he does all his own social media work, shared a screenshot where he […]

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Psst! App for Business?

I was recently contacted by John, a long time subscriber to my business tips mailing list, about a somewhat new app called Psst!, which describes itself as an anonymous social network. First thought – this should be interesting. John was curious about the business viability of the app and how it could be used for […]

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