One of the most rewarding things I do is not making a good income – it is using my income, and my free time that I have made for myself by creating passive income streams, to help others. Whether it is helping the lady on disability earn an income online to help her pay for a new car or helping non-profits generate revenue, giving my time to help others gives me a great feeling of achievement.

Volunteer Work

Over the years I have sat on several non-profit boards, sat as the President of my kids PTA, helped develop websites for non-profits such as our local United Way, and have recently started a non-profit to help educate people on the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Coast Hydro

This is a non-profit that I started in April of 2015 to help educate everyone from school-aged children to seasoned farmers on the importance of sustainable agriculture and how we can utilize methods such as hydroponics to reduce the environmental impact of growing our foods.

Through outreach programs in the local business arena, and utilization of federal and foundation grants, we are looking to build a mobile hydroponic greenhouse on the MS Gulf Coast with the focus of making learning fun for youth and showing farmers how being more sustainable can be more profitable than traditional agriculture.

You can see more at the website, Coast Hydro.

Master Gardeners

I have spent many hours learning and volunteering with the Harrison County Master Gardeners. By becoming a Master Gardener, I am able to help those in my community learn more about growing their own food, diagnosing plant problems, understanding soil issues, and how to effectively manage their property.

Having volunteered with this organization since 2012, I have had the opportunity to help many locals in their endeavors and it gives me a sense of great pride to be able to go out to people’s homes and share knowledge that they may not have otherwise been able to find.