I thought about putting together an incredibly lengthy set of disclaimers, professionally written by an attorney but then thought “what’s the point?”. Who reads these things anyways? It really is just a matter of writing a bunch of stuff down to cover my butt anyways – do you really care what it says? So, to avoid any misunderstandings because you can’t speak attorney gibberish, I decided to write these disclaimers myself, in plain terms, so there are no misunderstandings.

Updated 18 September 2015

Earnings Disclaimer

I have been marketing online successfully for over 2 decades. I have experience using products and I only recommend stuff that I know works. I will never recommend something that I don’t know works without a shadow of a doubt. However, earnings are based on your ability to act with any given product. If you don’t do the work, you won’t get paid. Just because I have made millions of dollars in this industry using the tools I show you, does not mean you will. In fact, most people that buy stuff to make money with never use it and make no money or very little. Any income highlights are based on my experience or experiences of people I know to be of high moral caliber. Your results will vary based on how much you actually do with any given product or series of products. And please, do not buy products that you cannot afford. I am here to help you and I don’t want you going out and telling people that you bought something I recommended with your last $20 and now it is my fault you can’t buy formula for your baby. Seriously – make smart business decisions.

Forward-Looking Statements

Some products may have long-term potential to increase earnings over time. If you hear me say anything about the potential of earnings in the future, this is obviously unproven since Michael J Fox stole my time-traveling Delorean. Joke, obviously, but seriously – I do not have a time machine. There is no way for me to tell the future. These statements are meant as a potential for products based on current situations and the potential for increase over time based on information at that time. Also, any potential for earnings over time is a direct reflection of your ability to put it into use. I do not guarantee any earnings, again, because it all up to your utilization.

Affiliate Offers

It should not be any surprise that the bulk of the links to products which I recommend are affiliate type offers, where other people pay me if you buy. If you click on a book I recommend on Amazon, and buy it, I will get a commission. If you buy software or other services from a link I recommend, there is a high likelihood that I will make a commission. I cannot say that I always make a commission, because some products I will recommend even if they do not have an affiliate program. I always strive to add value to my readers and payment is never a reason for my recommendation, but if I can get paid – I will. If you have a problem with that, you probably should not be in the marketing business. These affiliate links are in my website as well as in my emails.

Email Subscriptions

If you fill out your name and email on my website, any of my landing pages, etc, you are giving me the right to email you. You can opt out at any time, but if you click the spam button and it registers as a complaint in my email provider, I reserve the right to call you bad names behind your back. Seriously, if you don’t want to receive emails from me anymore, use the links included to unsubscribe. They are included in every single email I send you (with the exception of direct correspondence that does not go through my email system or replies to your email to me). It is also worth noting that if you forward one of my emails to someone else, and they click the unsubscribe link, it will unsubscribe you – so just tell people to come to my website and sign up or remove your unsubscribe link when you forward.

Social Media

I use plugins that allow you to share content to social media but also to log in to my site to make comments. You should be aware that anything you post on here, may somehow link back to your social media profile, and others may be able to see what you posted here (shocking, right? wow! yet some people have not figured this out yet). If you post stuff on our website that is harmful to others, it is possible for others to be able to see your PUBLIC social media profile. It is also possible that, based on your settings at your social media profile, your friends may be able to see what you posted here. Don’t say stuff you don’t want others to know you said.

Any comments, made directly through our site or through social media should not be considered accurate. You should always evaluate the source for anything, but especially random people commenting on a blog because some people just post weird stuff.

SPAM Policy

I do not spam. You put your email in my opt-in boxes and you will receive email from me. you can opt-out at any time and not receive further email from me until a point where you opt-in again or send me a direct email to which I will respond (in most cases). If you receive anything that looks like SPAM from me, please forward it to me as it is likely a spoofed email.

Visitors may not harvest information from my website for any purpose, including to harvest user data for the purpose of sending unsolicited email. You may not spoof my email addresses or attempt to send SPAM in a manner that appears it is from me. You may not send me unsolicited commercial email that is bulk in nature. Seriously, I hate SPAM. I won’t do it to you and don’t want you to do it to me.


Just assume everything on the site is copyrighted by me or I am using with appropriate permission or in alliance with fair use laws. This does not mean you can use it. It means you should probably not use anything from this site. If you want to share something, use the social media buttons, but if my content shows up on your blog, we are probably going to have some problems.

No Warranties

Unless we are talking about a product I released and sold to you with a guarantee or warranty, you should assume that nothing else is guaranteed or has any warranty. Seriously, you need to know that none of the products or information on my site holds any warranty or guarantee, unless otherwise noted, for anything including direct, indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental, or any other word that some attorney can come up with. Everything is as-is, where-is.

Links to other Websites

I link to a lot of people that have good products, good websites, information, etc. I have zero control over any site past this one. Websites change over time, and I really do apologize if something I linked to got turned into a porn site after the fact, but it is out of my control. I would like to know if something is not right anymore or if links are no longer active, but know that websites change and so do products. I may recommend a product and a year later it is different and no longer something I think is good. If you have questions, I will gladly give feedback, but all of my recommendations are based on a certain point in time and you should review anything that does not seem up to par. Sometimes, I may even link to a site that I have not seen yet based on information given to me. So, go ahead, check out those sites, but if there is something on it that is bad, you are clicking out at your own risk.

Illegal Crap

Don’t post anything on our website that is illegal. Seriously. No illegal movie or software downloads, no hate sites, etc. If it is illegal, unethical, or immoral, I don’t want to see it. I do business on the up and up and expect to keep company with those that do too.


I can and will change this up from time to time. It is your duty to check for updates.


I do not sell your information or share any personally identifiable information with anyone. Based on the scope of my marketing and your engagement with it, my systems may know more about you than your own mother or significant other. Kidding, of course, but I do collect and use a lot of information on your interactions with my websites. That being said, I do not go in and personally view which pages you are looking at and such, but you should assume that my marketing system knows you well. This, again, is all based on how much you interact with my systems so it is hard to say what the system knows about any particular individual. You should just assume a lot.

I occasionally use aggregate data (information like site statistics that does not personally identify you) with advertisers or other commercial interests, but will never share information that could personally identify any of my users.

If you go to one of the linked advertisers, they can track where you came from. I do not share information about you from my systems, but they will know where you came from based on your browser information. They will have their own privacy policies and will use data differently.

I do not knowingly collect data on anyone under the age of 18. Seriously, I know the law says I shouldn’t do it for anyone under 13, but I really have no use to collect data on anyone that is not legally able to make adult decisions. If you are under the age of 18, don’t use my website. If you want to learn from me, and are under 18, go to me on Facebook.com/mscoast and I will offer you absolutely free advice without ever tracking you. I LOVE helping young entrepreneurs, but don’t want you running through my funnels and feeling compelled to grab your parents credit card. Just hit me up for advice. Really!


Should you somehow, after reading all this, decide that you want to waste our time in a court, you are agreeing that you cannot sue me nor I you. Instead, you agree to drop me your phone number first so that we can see whatever problem we have can be worked out like cool human beings.

If we can’t come to terms like cool people, then we mutually agree to attempt to settle our dispute using mediation. If we still can’t get our crap together, we agree to be bound arbitration. All disputes and remedies, including mediation and arbitration will be handled in the State of Mississippi, county of Harrison. This agreement is based on the laws of Harrison County, Mississippi, USA and governed as such.