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About Damion

Damion got started designing websites in the mid-90's. Before he was legally able to vote, he had already helped code (program) an algorithm for a popular search engine which was eventually scooped up by Yahoo!, after being acquired by Lycos.

In 1999, shortly after moving back to his home town of Gulfport Mississippi, he started getting serious about Internet Marketing. He could see the trends early on and positioned himself early to learn as much as he could so that he could be positioned as an expert in the industry. By 2003, he had already made over $500,000 with his efforts in the content marketing arena. About the same time, he bought his first house and saw a need in the Real Estate industry, as it was seriously lacking in technology so he obtained his real estate license, started dominating the search engines for the local market, and opened up his own brokerage in less than 2 years. During this same time, he also trained agents all over the country on how to use online marketing strategies to dominate their local markets.

Once his brokerage was in place and providing steady leads to his agents, he reverted his attention back to web development and online marketing. He also took some time to learn everything he could about direct mail and postal automation, even taking a position at the largest postal automation company in the world just to learn. Because of his knowledge in both arenas, he has consulted with more than 2 dozen Fortune 500 companies in either their online strategies or postal automation and has worked with numerous local companies as well.

Damion has an unrivaled passion for working with the small business sector because all of his clients are truly grateful for the amount of value he provides both in his paid services as well as all of the free information he sends out.

Damion with Phil Bryant, MS Governor 
Damion offered pro-bono consulting services with a local conservative group which managed to save them more than $6,000 in postal expenditures in Bryant's election campaign.

Companies & Affiliations

Beemz Consulting is a small business consulting firm dedicated to helping small business owners more effectively compete online, gain a competitive advantage, and generate leads. Beemz uses a dynamic relationship blueprint to effectively grow customer lists and market to them in an efficient manner. 

This company is owned and operated by Damion and also houses most of his online business ventures, marketing services, and more. 

Coast Hydro, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization dedicated to education and outreach in sustainable agricultural practices, specifically in hydroponic and aquaponic education. 
Founded by Damion in April of 2015, Coast Hydro is expected to open it's facility doors in late 2016 or early 2017 and include education, production hydroponic facility, and the first in the world Aquaponic Botanical Garden.

Tech Realty was born out of necessity. When Damion bought his first house in 2003, he was grossly underwhelmed by the availability of real estate information. He thought it was crazy that he could buy a TV from halfway across the world and know everything about it, but could not find out anything about the subdivision down the road online. 
Damion built the largest, and most informational real estate blog on the MS Coast, and even though he does not actively buy and sell real estate any longer, he maintains the presence to help consumers and generate leads for other agents.

Personal Note from Damion

I have been in the online game for a long time. My love for this is a direct reflection of my desire to help others. I feel that knowledge is only as good as its ability to be useful to help others and I strive to make a difference in peoples lives daily.

I work hard and enjoy my play time too. I like to be able to decide to go on a cruise or take a fishing outing whenever I want, and I like it even more when I can invite my team to go with me. Do you want to join me? If you want to work with me, and see how easy it is to work online, Join my mailing list below or reach out to me directly. 

To your success!
Damion Flynn