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About Damion

Damion is an Internet marketing consultant and business strategist living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He got his start as a computer programmer, helping to develop algorithms for popular search engines in the late 90's and moved on to web development, affiliate marketing, content sites using SEO and ad arbitrage, and domain name reselling, a strategy he taught to others through various product launches. 

Damion has operated many successful businesses over the years and partnered with many more because of his ability to drive targeted traffic to websites and generate leads. His business consulting firm, Beemz Consulting, holds most of his holdings and he recently rebranded his marketing firm under the Cyber Tycoons brand. 

When Damion is not actively working with clients, he works on his own online portfolio developing affiliate and content websites and has recently started writing again and helping aspiring authors to generate their works through his publishing company, Spazztic Publishing.

When he is not actively working on one of his projects, Damion enjoys spending his time around the water, most often fishing or boating in the many waterways of south Mississippi, playing his guitars, and spending time with his daughter.

Damion & Phil Bryant, MS Governor 

Damion and daughter fishing

Companies & Affiliations

CyberTycoons is owned and operated by Damion and is a subsidiary of his primary consulting firm, Beemz Consulting. This brand is where he houses his client services for web development and online marketing services. 

It is also where he houses most of his personal projects, online marketing services, and domain services.

Coast Hydro, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization dedicated to education and outreach in sustainable agricultural practices, specifically in hydroponic and aquaponic education. 
Founded by Damion in April of 2015, Coast Hydro helps bring alternative farming and sustainability education. He spends time working with everyone from school children to Master Gardener organizations. Damion is a Master Gardener as well.

When Damion got back in to writing, he decided to go a more traditional route. For years, he put out ebooks (digital only) formats for informational products using a pen name, but decided in 2016 to start putting his writing in his name and using a more traditional publishing channel. 
He looked at publishing through existing publishers but after talking with a few, he saw little benefit to working with them so he started his own publishing brand.

Personal Note from Damion

I have been in the online game for a long time. I started this journey in the late 90's and have had a lot of great wins and a few really bad losses. I enjoy the game though. I enjoy the changes. And I enjoy helping others navigate the online marketing world.

I work hard and enjoy my play time too. I like to be able to decide to go on a cruise or take a fishing outing whenever I want, and I like it even more when I can invite my team to go with me. Do you want to join me? If you want to work with me, and see how easy it is to work online, Join my mailing list below or reach out to me directly. 

To your success!
Damion Flynn