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Technology Skills

Website Technologies

Extensive experience in website development in many facets including writing code in raw HTML, CSS, PHP, & MySQL. I am also confident with many open-source solutions, along with their customization, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, & e107. I have worked within many different e-commerce solutions across these platforms as well as custom solutions and stand-alone platforms.

Online Marketing

Squeeze pages & landing pages. High-converting opt-ins including inline, 2-step, slide-ins, fade-ins, pop-overs, & exit intent. Email marketing including static frequency autoresponders and dynamic response marketing. Single stage, multi-stage, and fully dynamic sales funnels. Affiliate marketing, content marketing, & more.

Search Engines & Social Media

Search engine optimization, keyword planning, search engine marketing, and overall search engine strategy. Social media strategy, social media marketing, and social brand integration. Retargeting/Remarketing proficiency cross-platform.

Software & Platforms

Proficiency with office suites, accounting software, programming compilers, image and video editors, and can usually pick up just about any software placed in front of me fairly quickly. Expert in search platforms and proficient in analytic and tracking platforms.

I have consulted with many companies across the United States. Too many to count, but in those numbers include over 2 dozen Fortune 500 companies. I think I am doing something right if I am sought out by some of the top companies in the nation.

Business & Marketing

Business Development

Extensive experience with initial setup and documentation of new Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and 501(C)(3) nonprofit companies. Business plans, initial and ongoing business strategy, office technology forecasting, think tank/masterminding, patents and copyrights, and just about every other aspect of setting up and running a small business.


Marketing strategy, branding, direct mail, shared mail, postal automation, creative marketing, shoestring marketing, buzz marketing, copywriting (sales copy), text marketing, and yes, even telemarketing.


Strengths-based sales, consultative sales, rapport building, frame control, SPIN, dynamic relationship building through automation, and others. This is a tricky topic because, while I value my extensive education and ability in the sales industry, I do not wish to appear as a “tactics” guy. I am a good sales person because I have a genuine interest in taking a consultative approach with people. I use the skills I have learned to sell to a definite need and if I do not have a product or service to fit that need, I help educate my customers and work with other vendors to put together a solution that fits the customer.


I have worked with everyone from entry-level sales and real estate agents to C-level executives. I take a consultative approach to coaching which includes learning your strengths and weaknesses to help you overcome pitfalls in your business and personal life. I get results because I hold you accountable, but I also work with you to think in ways you would not normally think in order to gain additional personal potential in your business.

Real Estate

Significant experience in real estate regulations, negotiations, and real estate law (disclaimer: I am not an attorney). Contract law experience, residential matters, commercial matters, and land matters including wetlands mitigation, easements, and other.

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